The Taylor Titch

The Taylor Mono




The Taylor Monoplane in action
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Taylor Monoplane

This aircraft was designed in 1956 and flew for the first time in 1959. At that time it represented the first post war homebuilt design to come from England and was designed be made in small spaces with the minimum of tools and material cost, requiring only average building skills from the constructor. It is aimed exclusively at the lower power range such as the VW engine, therefore giving excellent economy with an acceptable cruise speed. It is semi aerobatic, the airframe was proof loaded to verify the stress calculations and no modification has ever been introduced since the prototype was approved. The total number flying to date is over 110 examples each reflecting the respective builders personal touch.


All wooden construction, VW 1600 engine.
Cruise speed 100mph, 21ft. wingspan.

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Taylor Monoplane Plans
Most drawrings are 1/4, 1/6 & 1/8 full size.
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